Boost your law firm performance

cabenet cloud software reduces law firm operating costs and superpowers productivity.

The right technology to improve operations and work throughput, assure compliance, boost profitability, while also delivering enhanced client services and team performance.

Future proof cloud technology solutions

Certified Trust Accounting

Save time and take the stress out of professional compliance management.

Time saving features such as trust to office transfers, controlled monies accounts, simple reconciliation, statutory reporting. We also offer a simple, cost-effective solution for building and construction project and retention trust accounting.

Business Accounting

Get performance metrics at a glance or delve deeper with detailed reports.

  • Integrated legal office accounting
  • Seamless trust to office processing
  • Bank transaction file import and full BAS and financials.

Remote Working

Wherever you need to be, work securely with your team and clients.

  • Multi-office operation
  • Access to all matter information from any internet connected device (PC, Mac, or smartphone).
  • Add, change and remove users easily at any time.

Time Capture & Recording

Record all matter work in real-time, directly from Microsoft Office.

  • Integrated clocks and timesheets
  • Capture appointments, emails, and document preparation.
  • Use dictation to add notes and billing details from any device.

Matter Management

Work across all your matters in one place, no more switching between applications.

  • My matters virtual desktop includes matter register, ledgers, billing and invoicing, documents, workflow, calendar, email, and messages.
  • Alerts to keep you on track

Billing and Invoicing

Create invoices in minutes, for compliance with legal profession and ATO requirements.

  • Fast set up, preview, and approval of invoices.
  • Print, email, or text invoices directly to clients for faster payment.

Document Management

Seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration, with document collaboration, version control, and automated precedent templating.

  • Execute documents with e-signing and e-witnessing.
  • Your documents are stored in a secure cloud account, ensuring your law firm IP is protected.

Matter Workflow

Manage matters with task-driven workflow. Assign tasks to team members and track completion for matter management excellence.

  • Define standard tasks and due day, for step-by-step guidance that improves consistency and compliance across the firm.
  • Microsoft 365 and To Do integration.



Your cabenet membership is a monthly subscription plan. Plans are tiered to offer the best value for any sized law firm.

Large or enterprise plans, where customisation is requested, may have a short commitment period e.g. 3 months to 1 year.

Your subscription is renewed month-to-month, by payment of the account in full. Of course, you can pay any amount in advance rather than by month, but we won't ask you to.

Easy online payment by credit card, or BPay or EFT through your online business banking.

Yes, with your authorisation we can extract data from your legacy system for upload to cabenet in the implementation stage.

For most clients there is no additional cost, as this is covered by the registration fee. Of course, your current system must be capable of exporting the data for us to upload.

Yes, absolutely. When you are ready to move from legal accounting to integrated practice management, we will simply turn on the extra features for your account.

There is an additional setup step (but no cost or effort for you) to link the firm and each user for Microsoft Office integration. When upgrade occurs your subscription plan fee will change for the next monthly billing cycle.

cabenet is a professional practice management platform that has a great deal of flexibility built-in to add users, create extra data fields and filter reports, etc.

If you request other customisation that is technically feasible and permitted under our professional certification, we will quote for the work required. Typically, a customised report is a one-off cost of $250-$500.

Yes, you control who can access your cabenet system and what information they see and use. You can add, remove or edit usernames and permission levels, as and when you need to.

Your subscription is tiered e.g. up to 3 users, up to nine users, etc. If you add or reduce users, your account will be adjusted to the appropriate plan on the next billing cycle.

When you join cabenet there is a one-off registration fee. This covers assistance with conversion from any legacy system, online implementation training, and the first trust or office accounts reconciliation done by us to ensure your accounts are correctly established for ongoing compliance and accurate accounting.

Yes, cabenet integrated practice management works seamlessly with your email Inbox. You can easily save emails to matter work history and then view matter emails directly in cabenet matter management.

In addition, all text messages sent and received from cabenet for your matter clients, are automatically logged in the matter history.

You can adapt any existing or purchased precedent template that is compatible with Microsoft Word 10 plus or 365, as a template for automated matter data merging in cabenet.

Precedent templates can be linked to matter workflow, so the right document is at your finger tips as you complete matter tasks.

All matter and transaction data is stored to Australian based commercial grade cloud storage, with multiple backups and redundancy for business continuity protection. You can also create a local backup of your firm's data at any time.

Your documents are stored securely in a cloud account controlled by you. Your team can access this information via cabenet for fast document preparation or directly via the firm's Microsoft account.

This ensures law firm documents are always in your control and ownership, no matter what.

Yes, totally. NSW is the only regulatory authority that reviews and certifies legal software for trust accounting and professional compliance. This certification is accepted by other Australian jurisdictions.

We continually update the system to improve performance and to ensure compliance with changes in legal profession and general business best practice.

Yes, your registration fee includes online implementation training. This is conducted over a number of sessions to suit your needs.

Your subscription has all the support you need, training, product and technical support via our locally based email helpdesk, and an online help library with full instructions and videos for all software functions.

Customised online or face to face training is available on request. 

We also offer occasional webinars and short courses on specific practice and matter management topics.

Cabenet is an Australian based, owned and operated provider of cloud-based technology solutions for law firms. Established in 2001, we have held continuous professional certification for legal trust accounting compliance since that time.

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Flexibility which allows the system to be accessed securely from multiple sign-ins and away from office." 

NSW Lawyer